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Super Sauna Therapy

NOW, be the best you can be! Ed Skilling Technologies are used by both Athletes and those dealing with Catastrophic Health Conditions.

For Better Quality of Life, Total Body Conditioning, Improved Energy, and Optimum Health. . . The Skilling Institute provides the common sense approach to alternative cancer therapy based on years of experience which includes offering the world’s best in Electromedicine with Ed Skilling’s advanced electromedicine alternative therapy, the Photon-Genius.

The body is primarily electric and electricity is found naturally in all of us and controls the function of every cell of our bodies. A variety of electrical impulses in our bodies help facilitate all bodily functions including actions needed for health maintenance, healing and regeneration.


The Photon-Genius combines the latest in Skilling electromedicine and infrared energy transmission. The Photon-Genius offers dynamic healing energy on a “Mega” scale and is used for total body conditioning, weight loss, and the most serious bodily conditions.

Alternative Therapy “Power Tools”

  • The Skilling Institute’s 50 plus year history in the alternative therapy field of electromedicine delivers energetic strength and harmonic balance to the body. The Skilling Technologies empower the body’s innate healing ability (the immune system) by promoting improved energy and balance.
  • The Skilling Institute’s Photon-Genius noticeably improves the effectiveness of most other alternative therapies and alternative cancer treatments and reduces negative side effects of most alternative therapies and alternative cancer treatments.
  • The Skilling Institute’s Photon-Genius provides life-nourishing photobiotic energy to the cells of the body to strengthen the body’s immune system safely, easily and effectively. They empower delivery of good nutrition, supplements, and other alternative therapies by moving and balancing all the fluids of the body, including the Lymph system.